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Accelerating Progress in Influenza Vaccine Research

Improving seasonal vaccines and advancing the development of universal vaccines
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Reducing Illness and Death from Influenza across the Globe

Increasing the speed and efficacy of influenza vaccine development
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Launching a New Era for Influenza Vaccine Development

Tracking progress as researchers work toward universal influenza vaccines
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A Blueprint for Action

A Research and Development Roadmap for Influenza Vaccines

The Roadmap 

6 Key Areas of Research with Specific Technical Milestones 

The IVR provides a much-needed framework for organizing the efforts of existing influenza researchers while identifying a wide range of opportunities that will encourage new investigators to join the work.

Funding Dashboard


Consolidates, indexes, and organizes information to illustrate how funding aligns with the IVR thereby supporting decision-making and guiding investment.

Influenza Vaccine Landscape

A database of novel vaccine candidates

Facilitates efficient assessment of novel universal influenza vaccine strategies and stimulates informed investments in universal influenza vaccine research and development.

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Stay in the Know

Get updates about the latest universal influenza vaccine research & development.
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