IVR Funding Tracker Dashboard

IVR Funding Tracker

About this Project

The IVR funding tracker dashboard is intended to illustrate how global funding aligns with the priorities identified in the Influenza Vaccines Research and Development (R&D) Roadmap (IVR) and highlight gaps, thereby supporting funders and other stakeholders in their decision-making processes and research priorities.

The IVR provides a framework for guiding activities critical to achieving improved seasonal influenza vaccines and accelerating progress toward broadly protective or universal influenza vaccines.  

The IVR is organized into 6 topic areas:

  1. Virology applicable to vaccine development
  2. Immunology and immune correlates of protection
  3. Vaccinology for seasonal influenza vaccines
  4. Vaccinology for broadly protective or universal influenza vaccines
  5. Animal models and the controlled human influenza virus infection model
  6. Policy, financing, and regulation

Each topic area contains strategic goals and milestones determined by the IVR taskforce of experts. 

The funding tracker is divided according to the organization of the IVR:

  • 6 topic areas (top section, shown in gray)
  • 24 strategic goals numbers 1.1 through 6.4 (middle section, shown in green)
  • 113 milestones indexed by letters a-i (lower section, shown in blue)


This dashboard consolidates, indexes, and organizes publicly available information about funded projects relevant to the Influenza Vaccines Research and Development (R&D) Roadmap (IVR).

  • Funding data was collected from multiple sources: funder websites, published literature, clinical trial registries, online sources, the Universal Influenza Vaccine Technology Landscape, industry websites and news sources, and conference abstracts. Outreach directly to funders, researchers, and IVR taskforce members was also conducted.
  • Project titles and abstracts were reviewed to identify which topic areas, strategic goals, and milestones were relevant and validated by the funder when possible.

The data in the dashboard should be interpreted given the following:

  • Most recent update: June 2023
  • Projects that received funding during or after the year 2020 and addressed at least one of the strategic goals outlined in the IVR are displayed in the dashboard. Only funding information for year 2020 and after is included in the dashboard.
  • Funding amounts were converted from the awarded currency to US Dollars (USD) using rates from September 2021.
  • For projects spanning multiple years in which one award amount was provided, funding was allocated equally across each month of the project.
  • The number of projects meeting milestones may not sum to the total number of projects meeting a strategic goal. This is because all projects met at least one strategic goal, but not all projects that met a strategic goal were relevant to a specific milestone.
  • For projects relevant to multiple strategic goals and/or milestones, the project and total funding amount are repeated under each relevant strategic goal and milestone. Therefore, total project numbers and total funding amounts may sum to over 100% across goals and milestones.
  • Detailed project or funding information was not available for each project. In these instances, projects are included in the dashboard but these data fields appear empty.   


CIDRAP Dashboard Project Staff

  • Meredith Arpey, MPH, Research Assistant
  • Lauren Bigalke, MPH, Research Associate
  • Eve Lackritz, MD, MPH, Deputy Director and IVR Project Director
  • Shantanu Mallick, MPH, Research Assistant
  • Anje Mehr, MPH, Research Specialist and IVR Project Manager
  • Kristine Moore, MD, MPH, Sr Advisor for Public Health Science & Policy
  • Julie Ostrowsky, MSc, Research Scientist
  • Sydney Redepenning, Research Assistant
  • Angela K. Ulrich, PhD, MPH, Assistant Professor and IVR Research Scientist

Advisory Group Members

  • Nicole E. Basta, PhD, MPhil, McGill University, Canada
  • Brooke A. Bozick, PhD, National Institutes of Health, USA
  • Kate Bradford Plimack, PhD, National Institutes of Health, USA
  • Adrian Bucher, MSc, UK Collaborative on Development Research, UK

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