About this collection

The IVR serves as a global framework to guide R&D activities, coordinate funding, and promote stakeholder engagement in the development of improved influenza vaccines. The roadmap, completed in 2021, outlines key knowledge gaps and barriers, and identifies strategic goals and milestones in a 10-year timeline.

CIDRAP’s IVR team, supported by the IVR Steering Group and Taskforce, is leading a systematic effort to monitor and evaluate progress toward improved influenza vaccines. This effort involves collecting and organizing a wide range of information relevant to achieving the roadmap’s 25 strategic goals and 112 aligned milestones, and sharing this information with the R&D community. The Resources tool below is designed to facilitate access to the information database developed for the IVR monitoring, evaluation, and adjustment (ME&A) project.

This database represents a curated collection of recent publications relevant to the IVR goals and milestones. The publications are searchable by resource type, IVR topic area, date of publication, and first author name.

This collection complements the sources cited in the Universal Influenza Vaccine Technology Landscape regarding specific influenza vaccine candidates in development, including preclinical studies, clinical evaluations, news releases, and clinical trial registry listings.

We welcome your feedback on this tool. Please send us your suggestions for reports or articles to include in this selected bibliography. You can reach us at or via the feedback form in the Landscape.